For EXTERNAL USERS ONLY (AgR users, please contact an AWO and see Help/FAQs/SOPs)

1. Create your SOP Project:

  • Start off in your top-level Work Area
  • Create a Project and select SOP
  • Fill in all the sections
  • Upload the pdf of your SOP
  • Sign and submit

This gets either sent back for changes or Approved by our Animal Welfare Officer(s).

Once the SOP has been Approved you have options to share it through the + Roles

(+ Roles button is on the left-hand side)

Press the button + Roles and enter the email address of the person you wish to share the SOP with and select one of two options:

1. SOP view - for someone with who you just want to share the SOP with 

2. Trainer – for someone who can train staff in the SOP and who can create training records accordingly

3. Trainee - this role is given to each person with a Training Record.  They also need SOP VIEW to view the SOP.

then press SHARE ROLE

a notification will go to this person informing them of this shared SOP

This record is visible to the trainee, and other trainers only.

It can be shared by the owner (use the Role+ button, type in their email address, and select SOP VIEW) with other people listed on ~ Te Ara ~.

2. In a sub-form underneath – the TRAINER needs to create individual training record forms for each person they have trained with their level of training and when that training needs refreshing.

Levels of competency


Initial stages, cannot perform manipulation without a trainer available


Able to perform the manipulation confidently, knows SOP and when to ask for help


Multiple years of recent experience, able to perform manipulation confidently across a wider range of animal size/temperament


An experienced operator who is also able to communicate well and pass on technical skills, while being mindful of the learner requirements and the animals involved in training. Attitude and personality are key aspects of being a successful trainer.